Sunday, September 30, 2012

Family Fun Weekend....

at the KOA.

That's right, we headed back to KOA.... three weekends ago. Sorry for the late post all. These are crazy times in the Hamlin house. Four people and eight different schedules. Why is it that when times are hectic I tend to add more to the family calendar? I mean.. really.... the few open nights are filled with crazy shit, like cooking and other bullshit that is unnecessary. I have decided to take it easy this week and order out for all meals so that I can get back to blogging and catching up my DVRs. Life is short and all that crap...

Back to camping.

The Hamlins were super pumped to try a more adventurous camping  trip. We reserved a site at the Rocky Fork Ranch in someplace about 3 1/2 hours away, Ohio. This is a resort, like a timeshare for campers kind of place. And when we bought our trailer from Tom Rapers they gave us 30 days of FREE camping via this resort. This awesome deal gives us 30 nights of free fun, free memories, and free dumping of the shitter. Except the sales rep told me that the full hookup sites are for the "regulars" and we won't be able to reserve those sites until we stay for our first visit. Well, when you put it that way I'm sure we will LOVE whatever shitty site you place us.


But I was not to worry because they were going to offer me an even better deal... the "Honey Cart".

People let me tell you about the "Honey Cart".  Apparently they have a service that empties your shitter throughout the day. I am envisioning a truck with a large holding container on the back that drives around the campground stopping at each site pumping out crap all day long.

Are you serious..... how is that better? Poop stinks. And you know what stinks even more? The lucky person driving the "Honey Cart".

So when they asked if I wanted that site I stifled a laugh and said "you know it Bobby Ray! You sign us right up for that".

Reservations were made, we were leaving on Friday at 1530 (or as I and all the regular non military people say, 3:30). Strict orders from Dan.

And then the very next day Dan came home from work and said that he had some bullshit official training thus we needed to cancel.

Sorry to disappoint you all. I had all good intentions to use that weekend to take pictures of the HC and attempt a mini interview with the driver. You know, how long have you worked here? What kind of benefits do they offer you? How does college look now?? 

So, we headed back to KOA because dammit we said we were going camping this weekend and I already bought canned pie filling and other shit to cook over the fire and claim it tastes so much better when you cook it yourself over an open fire... and it was less than 10 minutes to training for Dan.

When we arrived we found out that it is Family Fun Weekend!! Woot! That's what we are.. a fun family so... perfect!

We had so much family fun. We tie dyed t shirts and boy was it fun! Take a look at the very complicated process:
1. Grab a t shirt and rubber bands.


2. Take a rubber band and shoot it at your brother.

 3. In no particular order scrunch up your t shirt and wrap the rubber bands around it. I was told by the organizer that there is no wrong way to tie dye.... yeah ok.... I'll be the judge of that...

4. Put on some gloves. This is about to be messy.

5. Play patty cake with your mom and smile like you think it is fun. 

6. Now Daddy, you do something cute with Tommy..... 

7. Now smile because I've got all day and I'm not going away until you do.

much better.
8. Now let's dye these m*%%##ers! 

9. The trick to tie dying is placing a portion of the shirt in the bucket full of dye. Well, no shit. 

Looks good honey!

 No need to scream, "I'm bleeding" at the top of your lungs. We get it, this is not your jam...
10. And after you hit all eleven buckets what do you get?





 After all that fun we went straight to putt-putt.
Not much fun with a broken arm, and sadly he beat me one handed.... Still.... fun.... for the family....

And to top off the weekend, we had a surprise visit by Tommy and Debbie! Thanks for coming!
Another win for the Hamlins!
I promise we are going to Rocky Fork Ranch someday... Honey Cart you better watch out cause the Hamlins are bringing some shit!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Birthday Boy!

Happy 11th Birthday Tommy! It seems like it was just yesterday you were jumping off your bed, breaking your arm and running into furniture, needing stitches in the head.... oh wait.... It was yesterday, right?

We love you buddy. For your birthday we are getting you a new cast! Can't wait to see the color you pick tomorrow!