Sunday, July 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Yogi Bear!

Yogi's Birthday Weekend

Now that we have been back three weeks we were itching to get some camping in and this weekend happened to be Yogi Bear's birthday! How can we miss that??!!

With our good camping friends the Barnes, we decided to load up and head over to Knightstown, Indiana to a Jellystone Campground.

This place gets nine stars. I'll get to why it didn't receive the tenth star in a bit.

You may be asking yourself, how does Yogi Bear celebrate his birthday?

I am here to tell you that Yogi Bear celebrates his birthday with three things:

1. Fun
2. Activities
3. Awesomeness

Let me take you on a picture walk of our three day/two night Jellystone extravaganza.

It's official. Max is a bad mama jamma when it comes to hitching the trailer to the car. In under two directions he can back up any car... perfectly. He even takes into account that when you throw the car into park it rocks back just a enough for the ball to fit in the socket.
In this picture you are witnessing a father giving his son a fist bump and saying, "Damn Max.... you're good. See this Kate... you're fired."
On the road and 90 miles later we arrive in Knightstown!

When we check in they give us an itinerary for the weekend! Not sure if you can read this but they have an activity every hour. There is no way your kids can be bored at this campground!

Check out this stop sign.. love it!

We were a little late in deciding to make it an official camping weekend so when we booked this place we got the last two sites available. Usually that means they are in the shittiest locations, are small, and have a view of the *dumping station.

 * a dumping station is where campers who do not have a full hook-up site (water, electric, and sewer access) can dump their shitter at the end of their stay. It's not the most fun watching the shit dumping parade on a Sunday morning...

Take a look at our two sites! Are you kidding me Jellystone?? These are your worst sites??? We think not!! Man we really lucked out!!

Our view from the porch...

Another view from our porch where you can see the playground, pavilion, and pool! Best location.... ever.

As we were setting up camp we here a very friendly voice booming out of a PA announcing that in ten minutes there will be a craft in the pavilion. Tommy, Will, Charlie, and Kate headed over to decorate a little bag.

Later these bags would be used to gather candy from Yogi's party pinata! Smart thinking Jellystone activities organizer!

The game room off the pavilion.

Then it was back to the camp for dinner. It's nice camping with friends. Especially when you can coordinate food and meals. Friday night dinner was provided by the Barnes family. Thanks for the delicious pasta!!

As we were cleaning up dinner we see two little girls walk up to our camp carrying this snapping turtle. I know it's a snapping turtle because Honey Boo Boo's cousin said, "Hey! You wanna see my snapping turtle?" Then proceeded to blow in it's face until it opened it's little turtle mouth and tried to snap the hell out of this girl.

Honey Boo Boo's cousin blowing in the snapping turtle's face to prove it was a snapping turtle. When it almost bit her she dropped the turtle and said, "Don't worry it will be fine..."
Yeah, until it becomes her dinner....

Max playing a little soccer with Charlie and Kate.
Next up... a wagon ride! This place is packed full of families and kids so when we got up to get on the wagon we ran out of room for all of us to go. Josh was told volunteered to take all the kids on the wagon ride.

And guess who decided to take a ride???? Yep! Yogi!

Thanks for taking this one for the team Josh, you rock!
Dan, Adrienne, and I decided to head back to camp and get our drink on. While sitting there, Adrienne decided to get her lights out and put them up. While watching her do all this work Dan said, "That looks like shit, let me do it... "

Between the two of them they turned out pretty good... way to work together!
 Next up... swimming! This pool is nice but not heated. Although it was a little chilly the kids had a good time.

Here is Tommy pretending to drown.... you could never do this at the Rock Spring's family rec center...

Charlie giving Tommy a little shove!
 You all know by now that I am not a fan of my dog. No matter where I am or what I am doing this dog always follows me and sits by me. I don't know why... Dan's theory is that I am dying and Chewy smells death on me. We can't think of any other reason why so we are going with this one...

 Look they caught a fish!! Great job boys!!

We ended the first night with a campfire! We made camper pies and smores. It was a perfect night for a fire and friends!

Day 2- More birthday fun!

We woke to Saturday morning by standing outside Yogi's bear cave banging pots and pans to wake him up.

 Then we headed over to the flag to say the Pledge of Allegiance. If you have kids, you definitely need to camp at this place!!!

This was another wonderful camping weekend. The weather was perfect!

Dan and Charlie taking the dogs for a walk.
Lunchtime!! Here is how you strain macaroni and cheese while camping and cooking with a too small strainer.... Sometimes it takes a village to feed your kids...

While finishing lunch we had a surprise visit from Mom, Jim, Jack, and Lilly!! This was a perfect weekend for the cousins to visit.

More pool fun!

The next activity on the agenda was Face Painting!!!

That is a spider painted next to the biggest bug bite on Will's head!

Waiting for Yogi's Birthday party!

We sang Happy Birthday to Yogi, then had some cake!

Then they gave us a piece of paper and said we had to come up with as many words using YOGI BEAR. Guess what? We won!!

It was so much fun hanging out with my mom!!  We need to do this more!! Thanks for coming over mom!
Then Tommy got a hold of some hair spray paint!! Thanks for being a good sport grandpa...

The last activity of the night was a dance party! They started with some fun kid friendly songs. As the kiddos started clearing out the music changed to some good ol adult, droppin it like it's hot... dirty dancing. Dan's only words for me were... "try to keep it classy ok?"
What??? I have no idea what he's talking about. I can't help that when I hear:
Hands on your knees, hands on your knees.... everybody clap your low can you go.....
I turn into Shikira. These hips don't lie... Am I right Buffy??!!! (you're welcome fool)

Josh having a dance with his girls. Awwwww.....

Dan getting his dance on!

A little Hokey Pokey!!
A little Tooty Ta anyone???

Even the boys got their groove on....

See... keeping it classy....

Chicken Dance!!!!

This is the last dance for Kate. She crashed in Dan's arms.
I know girl... it's a nice place to be : )
All in all this place was awesome. The only reason this place does not receive ten stars is because while taking a shower in the average shower house you had to push the button to activate the water, then push it again and again everytime it turns off...
It's annoying and as Dan and Josh said, "It's pretty gross washing your junk then placing your hand on the button to turn the water on again to rinse your junk realizing that your hand just touched a button where someone else was washing their junk and touching the same button... "
They just don't make shower shoes for that....