Sunday, September 22, 2013

Poor Farmers Gave us a Rich Weekend

We are on a camping roll!

This weekend we were invited to a "group camp" by our good friends, the Huffs. 

After scouting out a few viable campgrounds we agreed on Poor Farmers Campground in Fletcher, Ohio. 

This is their biggest camping weekend... so big they don't even take reservations.

The Theme: Antique Tractors and Flea Market. 

Look at all this stuff.....

I mean look.....

Tables and tables of..... absolute shit. 

And it was awesome. 

If this doesn't have Al Cochran's name on it then I don't know what does. Actually I think some of this stuff is his because I could have sworn I shot the BB gun at some of those old cans. 

People eat this shit up. Who doesn't like getting a good deal? I'm not kidding when I say it was nothing more than a garage sale.....on steroids. 

It's something special watching people barter for dollars, even nickels off items. The passion that comes out is a sight. Sometimes you might see a fist pump as some lucky victor walks off with something like this....

Look familiar??? I think it's the gate that was missing from Leisure Oaks Campground (see blog titled Day 1- Oh my...)

Hey look! It's Santa's sleigh! 

I love that my nieces are getting in on the action! Way to get a deal girls!

This F Market was family fun for all and we give it 4 stars.  I'd give it 5 but some tightass wouldn't part with his tent stakes. He had it marked for five bucks. I was like, "I'll give you a dollar for this". To which he made a horrible face and said "Are you kidding?" To which I replied, "What? Do you think we are living in the Clinton years??"  

And that's how I found out almost all campers are Republicans.  

Well damn. 

No worries because we are hanging with our besties!!

Do you know this girl??!! Her first name is Totally and her last is Awesome!!

My girl Tammy and my sister. 

The "meat man" Lance. If you ever get a chance to try Lance's meat I highly recommend it. I had some Saturday night with dinner, a little later that night after I had time to rest and again Sunday morning. 

Whew! I was stuffed! And it was good! From what I could see his meat was a huge hit all around! Dan loved his meat too. We were actually just talking about how good Lance's meat turned out. 

Check out Lance's meat!

Lance's meat. Amazing. 
And it wan't just Lance's meat this weekend but I had some of Dave's meat, ribs to be exact..... and you guessed it... amazing.
By the way we met some awesome fellow campers. Long time friends of the Huffs, Allen and Kathy and Dave and Sandy.
Great people, fun people, people who take camping as serious as us. They bring Direct TV, hotspots, and more food than you would know what to do with. 

It's hard to see from this picture but we configured our four campers to all face in toward each other. The "commons" area or "garden" in the middle was cozy.

We kicked the night off with birthday shots for the birthday girls Tammy and Lindsey. 

I was told by camper Dan that he would not be doing any drinking this weekend as we all saw how that ended for him at Dokken (see blog: Rockin with Dokken Again.... no really for fun go read that one again, lol) 

  Hmmm... I guess a little bourbon wouldn't hurt. 

Oh wait... Tequila??? Yeah... that one might hurt. 

That's my boy : )


We had a great time hanging out, shopping it up, and watching the kids have a blast. 

Surprisingly many come to this campground for the Antique Tractor Show and F Market. We ran into many friends. 

Old friends...

New friends...

From playing school....

To playing spoons!

The playground!

Queen of the campground! 

There was someone for everyone, both big and small. 



My dad came out! (nice photo bomb Tammy...well done)

As well as Jen and the girls!

And Kris and Lindsey's new dog Bear. 


After dinner we needed to work off some of that meat. 

Soccer time! Adults v. the kids

The game lasted until the sun went down!

You know what happens when the sun goes down?

You guessed it! Time for a campfire...

Something fun to mention.

After much soul searching, Dan and I decided that we were ready to take our camping to the  next level. 

Dan installed a TV, outside of the camper! Perfect for movies, football games, and Wii game nights!

Isn't it awesome??!! I know because we are awesome campers!! 

I'd like to note that in the picture above, Lance and my new friend Allen are trying to light the pilot so that I can have hot water to wash my face and so I could kick the furnace on. 

I love turning the heat and the air conditioner on at the same time. Something about the combination of both creates a breeze, you know like one that comes off the ocean. It's warm but cools you at the same time. This is something I'm only allowed to do in the trailer. 

Sleeping that night was wonderful. Especially with a clean face. 

Sunday morning was beautiful. Coffee, donuts, eggs, bagels, Lance's meat... what more could you want?

Allen enjoying his Sunday coffee. You nailed it buddy. 

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. Cleanin time was here before I knew it. Off to soccer games, homework, and dirty laundry. 

Excellent weekend friends....good times!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Five girls, a cottage, and a bottle of wine....

I guess you could make that several bottles of wine because it was a GWO (girls weekend out) without the kids!!!! Can I get a hell yeah??!!!

In honor of Lindsey's 32nd birthday we decided to head to Lake Loramie for some quality time with the sisters and mom.

We were adhering to a strict schedule:

1. Relaxing...... check
2. Drinking....... check
3. Eating............check (hello stretchy pants!)
4. Drinking........ check
5. Birthday Cake..........check

And to top it off it was Lake Loramie's Lake Fest, a festival I strongly encourage all to visit next year, and community garage sale weekend in Ft. Loramie.

It was my mother's dream!

Have you seen this woman garage sale??? I can remember as a kid marveling as I watched her barter dollars, nickels, even pennies for some random person's unwanted items. I swear once a garage sale cashier actually gave my mom money for a lamp. She can tell you what items are on sale at any given store within a 70 mile radius of Troy..... and you can bet your sweet ass she has a coupon to boot.

She can't help it, it is in the Cochran blood.... I am sure Dan would like for me to tap into my inner cheapass self and start saving this family some money...


Look at all of these treasures!

In the end we walked out with a car seat, books, and a Flirty Girl Fitness DVD that was too good to pass up. 
Guess how much we paid.....
I'm telling you I don't know how this cheap, frugal mother of mine does it but we had a car load of shit and smiles on our faces. 
Our weekend started off with a quiet Friday night at the cottage. With enough food to feed a small country, and two bottles of wine down, we settled in with a movie.
For breakfast we had Birthday Cake.....  Happy Birthday Nina!!!!
Waking up Saturday morning was wonderful... no laundry waiting, no kids needing fed, absolutely nothing to do but relax.
This must be what it feels like being the dad.
Dads, congrats to you! You know how to do Saturdays.... and I guess Sundays too for that matter..... hell, let's just throw in Monday through Friday!
Well done dads... well done.

 You all know by now that I love me some vacuuming. I'm not sure if it's the clean vertical lines or the hum of this glorious cleaning machine that blocks out all noises coming from the children but I am addicted!
This includes GWOs and all camping weekends.

Clearly it's not for everyone....
But it's for me!!
  We decided to go into "town" and pick up some supplies at the neighborhood grocery store.

So, for Lyn's birthday we got her coffee...

What my mother would say is "free" condiments to last a month....

J├Ągermeister (remember this Dan??? No really can you remember??) 

A princess birthday cake....

A birthday card....

And some fresh flowers! 

Bitch please.... you got none of that... but  I did take the top bunk. 

You're welcome.

Welcome to 32. 

After our fun little trip to the grocery we stopped off at the pharmacy for some sudafed. 

Lyn: I feel like shit, what do you have in extra strength. 

Buffy: soooo how much sudafed does one really need to make meth? Hypothetically speaking...

Mom: girls look at the clearance table! Do you see anything you need?

Her daughters: eye rolling and mumbling under our breath jesus mom, no we don't need one diabetic socks or fixodent.... 

Next up we were on a mission to find a nail salon for some pedicures! Wouldn't you know there's only one salon in the Loramie/Minster area (that we could find)??  

When the five of us walked in and asked about pedis the girl was like, "you want them today???" 

And after telling her we were from out of town we were like, "ummm yeah. Cause we aren't from here. Obviously"

That was a big fat no. Their loss. 

Finally we made our way over to a quaint little bar in Loramie. 

About 3 minutes after we sat down this guy told us that he would like to one day butcher a hog. 


Ummm, thanks guy. Please don't follow us home and kill us and make masks out of our skin. But if you do, Lindsey has younger skin than me. 

(Just kidding girl!!!!)

Bloody Mary's!

It's a birthday shot!!!

Atta girl!!!

After we left that dump we headed to Lake Loramie's infamous Lake Fest! 

We got carded!!!!! Does it count if I took mine out before he asked for it and made him look at it??? 
Yep. I thought so too. 

Funnel cakes and beer cause its GWO! 

A little shopping... 

This is perfect!!! Mom's fine china :)

When we got back to the cottage we did a little lounging. I took the best nap I think I've ever taken in a hammock!


This one is for you honey!!!

Saturday night we headed into town for some of Bud's Pizza.

The pizza you see here is a Cochran favorite. Pepperoni, green olives, and onions. We don't care if you like it or not, that's how we order it. 


(Are you sick of seeing pictures of us yet??)

While Buffy was away from the table we signed her bill "I am the bitch". Look closely. 


Our night ended with a date with our yoga pants and a movie. 

The best. 

Waking Sunday morning felt great. We were well rested, had a weekend.

Nothing says "girls weekend" like planning Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. Oh, and drawing names for the Christmas exchange.....

I'm not sure about other families but my mother likes to discuss the menu about 6 months in advance and rediscuss, talk about it some more, until we finally yell at her to stop....then her feelings get hurt.

This is every year.

So that is what we did Sunday morning while drinking our coffee.

All the names when into the hat (or empty Miller Lite case)

Look who pulled Mom's name!!! Good luck with that girl....


This was one of the best weekends ever! I love hanging out with my mom and sisters. We did nothing but laugh and eat and tell stories.
It was good for the soul.


 Happy Birthday Nina! We love you!

My bitches. I love you.