Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I gave birth to a blogger!

See this kid? It's Tommy, my youngest son, otherwise known as "precious angel" in previous posts. And of course in the picture is Jack, my nephew. (There's always a good chance a niece or nephew will be in the picture.)

Over the past couple of months Tommy has been working really hard on a website he has created. 

He came to me and asked if he could start his own blog. I asked him, "what will you be blogging about?" He said,"you know, kid stuff..."

Good enough for me! 

Like every good mother, I have bookmarked his site and stalk it every chance I get, looking for any hint of child sex offenders or inappropriate comments and/or pictures. 

His website is awesome. I can't imagine having his creativity or techsaviness at the age of 12.

I'm sharing his website for your enjoyment. 

But so help me God if you are a perv just know that I do own guns and Dan knows how to shoot them. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Because it's how we bowl....

Family Fun Night at Troy Bowl

This weekend Max's soccer team had a bowling fundraiser. His soccer team was hoping to raise some money to pay for a tournament or two. 

Bowling Benefit Flyer

Who doesn't love a good ole night of family bowling??!!! Even the Egyptians loved them some bowling.

As a matter of fact bowling has a rich and fascinating history. Archaeologists have discovered bowling balls and pins in a child's tomb in Egypt, dating the game as far back as 5200 B.C.

Also did you know that the bowling as we know it today grew out of a German religious ceremony? That's right boys no matter where you go Jesus is always the reason and the answer!

It was introduced to the masses by monks during the 3rd and 4th centuries. At that time, every German peasant carried a wooden club similar to the Irish shillelagh, which is basically a walking stick or club used for protection.

Fun fact: The Hamlins are both German and Irish... well the Irish comes from my side of the family but it's running in your blood boys. Daddy is not Irish just German.

Anyway, it became a customary test of faith in many churches for the parishioner to set up his club, called a Kegel, as a target, which represented the heathen. He would then roll a stone at it in an attempt to knock it down. If he succeeded, he was deemed to be free from sin.

Now, this being said, no that did not count as going to church and you still have to go.

We were joined by great friends. The Denson family came out to support the cause! I'm not sure if Brad has German blood, or Irish blood running through his veins but he must have bowled a hundred strikes. Or maybe it was just Jesus. Yeah... probably Jesus. Either way he was one holy-bowler last night!

Did you see what I did there? Holy-bowler... holy-roller....

Team Bennifer representing 

In addition to the Densons, my good friend Julie and her friend Bob joined us for a friendly game. Both of whom must be English as they both threw gutter balls on their first throw.

Seriously, Julie is amazing. She rescues dogs. I know what you are thinking, why does she like you? Julie gets me. She is kind enough to not show her hatred of my lack-of-love for dogs. She also knows that I would never abuse an animal... physically.

Check out her blog! She writes about her insane wonderful life with dogs.


Team Julie-Bob

Finally, Sarah and Randy came out to join the fun. Randy is a badass soccer player. I am trying to get him on board with our amazing coaches. I've never actually seen him play but Sarah has told me enough about his badassness for me to think he definitely needs to be our team trainer.

My girls

Our bowling night was awesome! Here were the rules of the game:
1. I threw the first ball.
2. Dan threw the second ball knocking down what pins were still standing.
3. If you knock down 9 pins it counts as a strike.

I don't know why these were the rules or who set these rules up but it was so much fun! I loved Dan's face everytime I hit only that very back left pin. Do you know how hard it is to only hit one pin when the other nine are so closely placed next to them??? Picture it in your mind. I feel like I should get more points for pulling something like that off... and repeatedly throughout the night.

I felt amazing about myself.

I know I could be a little better if only I had wrist guards and a towel. Those people look so professional when they walk up to that dangerous and scary ball return mechanism, picking up some custom made bowling ball (not like the pink 7 pound ball I use, where the holes are three times to small because it is indeed meant for a child not a grown woman). Then they wipe off their ball with their special towel, walk to the bowling runway with their custom shoes on their feet, and throw a ball that looks like it is going straight for the gutter only to curve back to the center procuring a strike everytime. Then they walk back fist pumping in the air.

Wrist guards.. it starts with wrist guards.

Here are some pictures throughout the night. You will note that the one person missing in these pictures is Max. Apparently we are not cool enough to bowl next to him and his soccer teammates. I think we saw him twice. Both on concession food occasions. 

Tommy bowlin it up!

Daisy Denson and her skills!

Loving these boys!

Jen and Dan- BFFs

Note that "P" is Dan and I- that's right we won. 

You go Sarah! 

Nice ass form Danny!

After we bowled our three games there was a challenge called the "Strike Queen" and "Strike King". Each person was allowed one roll only. The person who knocks down all ten pins was titled "Strike King or Queen".

And guess who is the King....

Winning Roll

Danny! Because that's how he bowls!

Hail to the King baby!

As an added bonus to our fundraiser we raffled off baskets and items. Movie cards, gift certificates and other items nicely displayed.

Danny was not the only winner this night...

Wine Basket Owner

Me: Dan take my picture.
Dan: Okaaaaay... there. I did it. 
Me: How does it look, can you see the wine?
Dan looking at his phone: Yeah, it looks great now let's go.

All in all this was yet another successful family fun night. Bowling is the best, a sport so rich in history, often overlooked as "something to do". We need to take advantage of bowling more often. It's a time to wear  shoes a hundred other people have worn, handle balls a hundred other people have touched, and stare at people's asses as they throw a ball in hopes they too can be the lucky person pumping their fist with that lucky strike. 

A big "thank you" to all who came out to support the cause!