Friday, April 18, 2014

House Sold!

It's done. We sold our house. It took eight months and 127 showings but we finally unloaded it.

Farewell 115 Fox Harbor Dr. Thank you for the wonderful memories. We will miss having our bedrooms so close together, standing on our back deck looking into the windows of six different houses,  a-holes flying down the street while the future of the world rides their bikes up and down the sidewalk. 

We will especially miss you neighbor, you know who you are, you never smile and yell at my boys if they set even one foot on your lawn. Sorry about that one 4th of July when Dan thought it would be a great idea to introduce our children to the fun of "backyard fireworks", the ones that you can't purchase in Ohio. Only Indiana knows how to have a good time and thus does the Hamlins. We all ran when Dan said "watch boys, this is called the Whistling Deluxe Rocket..." and as he lit that sonofabitch we stood in awe as it headed straight for your top bedroom window. When it hit your house and traveled up the side of your house you might have heard Dan say, "Oh shit! Run!" 

He became a legand that day in eyes of my boys. 

We really will miss our other neighbors, the ones who do smile, who have shared food, conversations, drinks, and neighboorhoodly gossip. We loved watching your kids grow up with ours. All the doors slamming, hours of trampoline jumping, sidewalk chalking, bubble blowing, creepy ice cream truck man, and our most favorite nightly game of "ghost in the graveyard" will forever be fondly remember and labled as "childhood" in our memories. 

Thanks for putting up with the 30 foot trailer parked in front of our house for days at a time. We knew it was an eyesore but had to be done to prepare for our adventure. All of which you have heard about over a beer or two. 

If these walls could talk they would tell many stories. Stories of two little boys, one starting kindergarten and one in preschool, growing and learning. These walls would tell about the countless days of playing, working, going to school. The nieces and nephews. Girls nights and sleepovers. Celebrating the losses and births of babies. These walls could speak of both the screaming of empty threats and of the laughter and giggles way past bedtime. Some of the most impressive forts have been built in this family room. 

More than anything many prayers have been said in this home. In every room of this house we've said Your name. In praise or searching for your mercy, I have felt Your presence these past nine years. And now that a new couple is getting ready to start their adventure in this home my final prayer will be that you stay within these walls and bless them with as many memories. 

It's time for the Hamlins to pack up and move on to another adventure.