Sunday, September 14, 2014

Laundry woes

I have been without a dryer for four days now. Do you know how much laundry we do in four days? 

A lot.


I did what any level headed person would do and pushed the "start" button a million times, much like you do to an elevator or crosswalk button, because we all know the more you push it the faster it works. When that didn't work I  held it in with all my might, willing the machine to spin. When that didn't work I called that stupid b nasty names. Then said a quick "sorry Jesus" prayer then hit start one more time in hopes that Jesus was in the mood to hear and grant dryer prayers. 

He wasn't. He's probably tied up with ISIS or the Kardashians.... 

Dan researched the best possible deal and called Sears asap. The guy showed up yesterday to tell us that we needed a part but he didn't have it in stock. (shocking)

Lucky for us they will have it delivered straight to our house and he could "squeeze" us in in nine days. 

NINE days. 

With a straight face I said, "Sir, we won't be able to open our doors with all the laundry piled up after nine days."

He chuckled but I was serious. 

You would think that with only four people our laundry would be a once a week occasion. At one point I was convinced that the neighbors were sneaking their dirty clothes into our basket. Or that while we we were sleeping little magical elves put on our clothes, frolicked about to dirty them up, then threw them on the floor right in front of the dirty clothes hamper. 

Why is it so hard to put the dirty clothes in the basket? Everything in my house is a"basketball hoop" except the laundry. The boys try for 3 pointers with their trash. They make a hoop with their mouth when they throw popcorn, grapes, or other small round foods into their mouth. They are constantly throwing balls or pillows into the air or against the walls. 

When it comes to laundry their arms become dead, incapable of tossing or throwing. They take what I call the Fireman Approach to taking off pants. In one fell swoop, pants, underwear, and socks come down and off and lay on the floor completely intact. If the event of an emergency, they could step into the crumpled mess, reach down, pull up, and be completely clothed underwear and all. If they sold pants with built in underwear my boys would be first in line. 

We make a lot of dirty clothes here. 

Last time we were without a washer, Dan and I decided to try a Laundromat. If you can overlook the tampon in the washer, $30 worth of quarters, and cleaning someone else's lint tray,  it was pretty awesome to do ten loads in under two hours. 

This time I called my mom. 

You gotta love moms. Moms are the best! You really don't appreciate moms until you become one or have laundry. 

My mom said, "Oh favorite daughter, just bring it over here and I'll keep it going!!"

The boys and I dropped three laundry baskets on her kitchen floor and ran out the door. Later that night she called and said the laundry was done, she made dinner for us, and apple crisp because she knows that's Dans favorite. 

Mom, can we move in with you? 

All of my laundry was cleaned and folded. She even hung Dan's uniform on hangers (she also probably sprinkled Holy Water on it because as of this morning she called me and told me she's really worried about Dan and how ISIS could affect him). 

Mom, Sears called back and said they can't fix our dryer until my boys graduate from High School. 

I guess I'll have to keep bringing my laundry over until then.... 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Give me a break....

Just kidding. No more breaks children!

I was going to write a post about my boys beginning a new chapter in their lives. Max started high school and Tommy started Jr. High this year. Both boys are loving the new change.

Praying before every game. 

Max is playing on the Lehman High School boys varsity soccer team. Unfortunately the school is so small that a JV team isn't offered. By default he is playing with grown men. With facial hair. And defined muscles. One guy with a full beard, around 6 ft. tall,  drove up to camp and I said,

 "Ok, there's the trainer buddy. Just do what he tells you to do and do your best. You're playing with the big boys now so try not to take any shit. But kinda be nice cause we are at a Catholic school and Jesus is always watching."

That was no trainer, it was a teammate.

Max has worked really hard this summer with the team. He has made many new friends and these boys are taking very good care of him at school. When I asked Max how his first day of school went he told me it was awesome.

I'm not sure he has used that word before to describe school.

Then he told me how one of the seniors put him in a headlock during lunch.

And he loved it.

These will be the best years of his life.

Day one of school, Max had a five paragraph essay for homework in addition to Religion, studying for a science quiz, and a few other assignments.

After a two and a half hour practice he got right to work and never complained once.

Tommy has been waiting for Jr. High ever since he found out that there would be no books, all curriculum is on an ipad. Although Tommy has an all boy, very small class he has been pumped to start school. He has decided to give football another shot. He's grown a little more and feels he is ready.

He practices everyday and was super pumped to get his pads so that he could start hitting. He tells me about the great plays and tackles he makes with enthusiasm each night.

Since St. Pats is a small school the Jr. High football team consists of boys from Holy Angles, Piqua Catholic, and St. Pats. All practices take place at Lehman High School. A bonus because sometimes all the stars align and we only need to make one trip up to Sidney to pick them up.

Life is good for Dan and I. Our boys are growing up and are so happy. They love school. They are active in sports. What more can a parent really want?

Last Wednesday Max had his first soccer game and Tommy had football practice. I watched anxiously as the boys soccer team battled on the field. I watched the clock tick away as Max and two others stood on the sideline. With three minutes to go, coach finally puts them on the line to sub in. And not once did the ball make it out, giving them a chance to play during the game.

My heart sunk.

Meanwhile, Tommy walks over holding his head.

"Mom, my head hurts. I hit helmet to helmet and then fell back during practice"

The car ride home was not a joyful one. Max later tells Dan, "Dad it's hard not playing but I know that if I stick with it, it will all pay off one day"

Wow... the wisdom.

The next day at football practice I pull up to find Tommy in the trainer's office with glassy eyes.

He has a concussion.

He's currently resting and is out of football for a week. I tried in my best mommy manipulating ways to get him to quit football.

"You know Tom, chess club will be starting up soon. I think you should give it a strong chance."

He saw right through it.

The following Saturday Max had another soccer game. This time coach called him up before haft time. I am so excited I turned around to the parents and said,

"Oh my gosh, look! Max is going in!"

Yes, I am that parent and I make no apologies. 

God love him. He never quits. He is out there giving his all, as if these boys (men) are his level and size. He goes full speed for the ball and collides with a player twice or even three times his size.

As he was laying on the field my heart was in my throat, my gut feeling was that he broke his arm.

Most times I love being right, which is often, but at that moment I was praying I was wrong.

With nine minutes left in the game I walked Max off and to the ER we went. 

Dan dropped Max and I off at the emergency entrance and parked the car. As I am standing there signing Max in, Dan walks in. Heads right to the front desk. Opens his duck tape wallet (made lovingly by Tommy) and looks at the  receptionist and says, "How much is this one going to cost me?"

I shoot Dan the death stare, the one that says "now's not the time" and quickly apologize to this poor woman just doing her job and could probably care less that on the way to the game we stopped off at MC Sports because Max grew two sizes in shoes. We purchased new cleats, new shoes, new backpack, and various others football and soccer must haves. The total was $300. Dan paid while dramatically holding his chest. So you can imagine the look on his face when I walked Max off the field and said, "Honey, we need to go to the ER. I think Max broke his arm". I'm pretty sure he heard, " Honey, spend more money, blah blah blah, medical bills, blah blah blah, f savings."

All that was the look on his face when he walked into the ER. 

X-rays confirmed my fear, broken wrist. 


While Max is out for an X-ray.

While waiting for the nurse to splint his arm, we ran into a friend of Max's from elementary school. 

She too broke her arm during a soccer game.


After a few days Max got his cast, royal blue for Lehman because it will match his jersey....for when he plays soccer....with a cast. 

It is now a week later. Tommy has been cleared for football and Max is back to full contact soccer. 

I'm praying for no more injuries but I'm convinced that this is just how we do things around here. 

I can't take another person asking me if my children drink milk or get enough calcium. I want to respond, "Wait, what?! You mean if my children drink milk, eat yogurt and other healthy vegetables they will absorb calcium? And calcium is correlated to healthy and strong bones??!! Wow, I've never thought of that before. I think I'll start right now". 

People, yes they get calcium.

The boys are still in good spirits. Dan and I are resigned to the fact that medical bills are just a part of life. And we both want to say that we do realize that it could be so much worse, we will take a broken bone or one concussion (these are too serious! No more concussions!) over a much worse conditon or illness. 

So, here's to a safe, healthy, and happy school/sports year. 

Go Cavs!