Monday, July 27, 2015

A "super" fun weekend at The Lazy River

This weekend we packed up the camper and headed to The Lazy River at Granville. The theme: Super Hero.

I stumbled upon this campground a few years ago while I was researching places to camp. I put in under my favorites so as not to forget this gem. Then I forgot. We knew we were going to camp this weekend but weren't sure where so I went back to my favorites folder and decided to visit the website, I was stoked when I saw the theme of the weekend was Super Heroes. 

This guy is the owner of the campground. He's also a retired middle school teacher. Quite honestly I'm a little shocked that he chose this as his "retirement" path as I've never seen so much work go into a campground. I seriously think he might be Superman for pulling all of this off. Sober. 

A little fact: there are many campgrounds that are very family friendly. Ones that know that vacation is about 1. Relaxing 2. Family and 3. Keeping the kids busy so that the adults can relax (#1) and not hate the family (#2).

When kids are idle it makes for a hostile camping experience. The Lazy River understands this and therefore creates activities upon activities that everyone in the whole family can enjoy. 

I hope you are in the mood for scrolling because there is much to share. 

First of all the weather was perfect, my dream year-round kind of weather. Sunny and hot (thank you Jesus). 

We invited some of the usual camping friends and family to join in on the fun. That makes for five campers, thirteen adults, fourteen kids, and six dogs. 

You'd think #1 couldn't be possible but let me show you how kid friendly campgrounds make it all possible. 

I know it's a little fuzzy but this is the itinerary for Super Hero week. 

1.  Bike rentals- Tommy is about 90 lbs over the "recommended limit". He recommended having a good time instead. 

2.  Sand soccer- this family never goes anywhere without a soccer ball. Max might have broken a toe but we find most activities end this way. Again fun was had and that's all that counts right? 

3. The lazy river- best river ever. Bring your tubes people because this is the cleanest and nicest river to float your cares away. I assumed it was this shallow the entire way through but Tommy informed me that it does get pretty deep near a bridge. I'll take his word for it because I was busy getting my #1 on at the pool. 

4.  The pool- heated and full of chemicals, just like I like it. 

Camper Dan always mischievous.... 

Grammy and Bells!

This was the adult corner. I pretty much posted up right here for most of the weekend with a pool bag full of Twizzlers, pretzels, beer, and To Kill A Mockibgbird (way different read the second time around). 

5. The Splash Pad- for the losers who can't swim they have this awesome splash pad that continuously pumps freezing cold water. 

Also perfect for the littles, like Bells. It's completely fenced in, no escape. Technically the "winners" are the parents! 

6. The park- do yourself a favor and zoom in on Bella's face. This one needs no explanation. 

7. Ping Pong- or beer pong depending on your age limit. I'd like to point out that when a campground sets a theme we like to fully embrace, become one with the theme. I am wearing a tutu because my Super Hero costume was part, Captain Ameri-mom and part Wonder where-are-my-kids Woman. I think I nailed it all weekend. 

Oh here they are, watching the Super Hero powers of the Beer Pongers. We like to call this a "college prep" experience.

8. Riding Your Bike- we've introduced our kids to something very popular from our childhood.  "What you're bored?! I'm calling bullshit because you have a bike. Now get after it." The sky's the limit kids. And you're welcome. 

I love that Tommy and Bradyn are towing Carson and Jack around. Well done boys! 

Bikes are so handy at a campground. Here is Lindsey going on an ice run! 

9. The Challenge Course- when we pulled in and saw this, everyone's faces lit up like an addict at a heroine buffet.  It looks dangerous from every angle. I think we hit the jackpot on this one! 

Safety first though... These were super safe harnesses. So safe that the worker doesn't even go up with the kids. I love it. It's called "problem solving, another little tidbit from our childhood (minus any safety harness or even a care that we were climbing anything or where we were during the day).

For example, Tommy found himself in a pickle when he noticed his line was stuck on one of the climbing grips. He looked down at me and said, "mom! I'm stuck!" And I responded with "Yikes! That looks awful! Problem solve!" I bet his arms were burning from trying to hold on and manipulate his line.  He's home with us now so he worked it out...

That's Lilly and Tommy at the tippy top of the death trap challenge course. 

Jayda was just a smidge too short so Chad went up. It's like watching American Ninja Warrior!

Gene getting in on the action!

Jack and Koral crossing the tires.

Tommy at the top again, on the skateboard. Nice form T-man!

Bradyn and Carson

Kara getting after those barrels.

10. Ziplining- that's right, this campground also has its own zipline. It's not "extreme" but a great way to introduce the kids (and adults) to what it feels like to fly, out of control, on an unsteady and thin cable. My boys opted out as they've had a taste of the more extreme courses. 

But not these kids! Waivers in hand, they are ready to fly! 

11. Super Hero Obstacle Course- again, the scheduled activities for the kids went above and beyond. This is the laser field. If you touch the laser you die. These Super-kids made it through with all body parts in place!

Except Hayden. If this were a real laser he would be missing his head...

This guy pictured above is the one who ran the activities for all the kids. He was so patient and full of energy. He's nineteen and when I asked him if he was going into Education (he seemed natural at this) he chuckled and said "No, I'm going into Economics". 

Smart kid. His vacations will probably be at a Sandals instead of a campground. 

12. Super Hero Water Battle- BYOG and spray the medallion (an antacid that dissinigrates when it gets wet). 

Good vs. 

Evil (muwahahahaha)

12.  The DJ- Saturday night all the campground peeps gathered around the basketball court for some dancing! Every line dance was danced that night! When the Electric Slide came on we had to show those little whipper snappers how it's done. 

Whether you're on the floor or a table... 

14. When it gets dark the kids usually make their way into someone's camper for cards or a little Playstation. 

And when the kids are inside playing, the adults are outside playing. 

15. Campfire- nothing beats pulling a chair up around the campfire. Camper pies, smores, and passing around the moonshine.... does it get better than that? 


Campfire relaxation. 

Atta girl!

This weekend was awesome to its full Super Hero capacity. We will return. I was told Halloween Weekend is amazing so we might head back. For all you non-camper-owners they do have cabins and a huge house to rent. I will warn you, almost anyone who has camped with us has ended up a camper-owner. Just've been warned. 

Fun times

Noah and Buff

Happy faces


The face of a successful weekend. 

Family- it's who we are. I also think it takes superhuman power to keep some together like this. (Chris you must be like Ironman to keep your shit together around us sometimes).