Monday, September 7, 2015

Duncan State Park

Please don't try and make a reservation at this awesome campground because it's invitation only. In fact it's not an actual State Park, rather a private retreat created by our good friends Dave and Sandy.

It's fitting we would choose Labor Day weekend to relax and enjoy this labor of love. The Duncans certainly know how to do things right.

Beautiful view........check
Hospitality..............check, check

Their "campground" is one of the nicest we've been to. 

Let me give you a little tour of Duncan State Park. 

This is the view from Dave and Sandy's back porch. In this picture you can see our camper and car located in the "campground" portion of this yard. We had a waterfront view.

Here's a closer look at our campground. Being a small private resort, there are five electrical hookups. We were joined by the usual camping friends. 

Do you know how nice it is to be able to camp with only the people you like? For all the campers out there, you know what I mean when I say "asshole neighbors". That one family whose dog never stops barking, who plays loud music, who always tries to interject in other's family fun, who party too late into the night... 

Yes, I know that many times we are those assholes and that half of them are related to me, but this weekend we had full reign on family fun. No one to tell us "lights out" or "turn your music down" or "ma'am, please stop dancing on the tables". Nope, just good old fashioned, carefree fun. 

This is the view from our camper. Amazing.

I've gotta say, I'm not big on swimming in ponds or lakes. As you all know, I'm fearful of snakes, birds, fish, and not being able to see the bottom of whatever I'm swimming in. I also have an irrational fear of an evolved saltwater shark swimming around in ponds/lakes, eyeing my dangling legs like succulent drumsticks.  Duncan Lake is one of the nicest lakes. It's treated with a beautiful blue chemical that does allow fish to coexist, but I was assured by Camper Dan that, "No Katie there are no snakes!" and "Sharks? Are you kidding me right now??" And then I reminded him that's what the people first said in Sharknado..... I wouldn't call myself a doomsday prepper, we all know my pantry runs on low at all times, but I am definitely a member of the doomsday awareness committee and am aware that sharks live in water.... enough said. 

If you don't believe that a pond can be completely safe and fun, take a look at these actions shots.

Camper Dan floating his cares away...

Boys doing what boys do....

Great catch buddy!! 

After kicking Camper Dan off the raft, the kids play a little "king of the raft".

Most backyard ponds don't have a white sand beach.... Duncan Lake does. It's how this family rolls... 

Digging for gold

Making sand castles

Fun for all ages! Even Bella loves the pond! 

Seriously, could this picture be any cuter. This picture says, "I love you sissy but if you even think about wearing my jeans I'll cut you."

That is true sister love right there.... At the rate Bella is growing Lilly, you better hide yo stuff.

Also I'd like to point out that the boat in the background did indeed sink but the big boys were able to save it.

If you don't feel like swimming you could always hang out in the garage. Now when I say "garage" you are probably picturing a regular person's garage with tools, maybe a small t.v. hung in the corner, and shelves full of random junk. 

Not this garage.

From the look of this picture you might be thinking "who scored?" And the answer is I think they both did.... for being the two best dancers!!!

We (I) decided it was a good night put on my boogie shoes and get this party started!

Me and my girls dancing

In this picture Dan is probably apologizing to Dave for me hitting the whip on top of his picnic table.... or maybe for my stanky leg....

This is the hat I made Dan wear.... he's always a good sport. 

Please note the background of the picture. You might be thinking, "whoa! when did they move the party inside to the kitchen?" 

Ummmm that's the Duncan's garage... 

I love every face in this picture. 

This is Tammy and I before Tammy found a make-up kit that belonged to one of the kids. She said, "I am going to give you a make over! I can contour" 

She is amazing because here I am after. Who knew I would look this great in baby blue eye shadow???? I know the picture doesn't really do it justice.. 

Maybe this one will..

See! She nailed it! 

If all of this wasn't enough you can always unwind in the hot tub. 

The next morning I will admit my head was a little sore, probably from all that dancing....

Campground mornings are serious business for Mike. If there is one thing Mike does well it's breakfast. I had to pass on solid food and stick to coffee but Dan assured me it was almost as good as my homemade Honey Bunches of Oats....

Here is Camper Dan making his second plate. 

Does this camper look familiar??? It belongs to Mike and Megan and it's just like ours.


This past winter Dan and I went to a fundraiser gala where among other silent auction items, there was a Cork Pull. Basically you pay $25 to purchase a numbered cork. There were lots a great top shelf bottles of liquor, fine wines, and this piece of shit bottle of Voodoo Pretzel, Raspberry, Chocolate Ale.

There are times when I wish I had a group of people constantly filming our lives because Dan's face when they handed him #37 was priceless.... I think I quickly ushered him away from the table. The entire way home that night I had to try and remind him we donated to a good cause. He swore he was going to "donate" that shitty bottle right back to the next thing I volunteered us to work but instead he brought it to Duncan State Park.

A fancy park calls for some fancy beverages....

We passed it around and it is indeed shitty ale.

Here are Dave and Sandy showing Kris where to fix the well pump... right next to the dinner bell.... parenting is great at Duncan State Park. You don't even need to scream at your kids to come back.

Oh and plumbing things is perfectly normal for Kris, you can see Dan isn't even trying to give his two cents....

But we all play to our strengths right?? Plumbing may not be Camper Dan's thing but kicking some butt in cornhole is!! 

All in all, we had a wonderful weekend with some of the best people.

Dave and Sandy, thank you for opening your home to us. We love you guys and can't wait to come back to Duncan State Park (seriously, can we come back??)

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone!