Friday, June 2, 2017

Memorial Day Campout 2017

WOOOOO HOOOOO! It is officially camping season for the Hamlin family!

We decided to take advantage of the long holiday weekend and set up at Poor Farmers. Close enough to pop in and out for graduation parties yet far enough away to forget about all the laundry, housecleaning, window washing, and yard work that needs a little attention.

Poor Farmers had quite the lineup of events for the weekend.

Please take note that there is a discount for Active Duty, Veterans, Police & Fire! BOOM! Thank you for your service Danny cause we just saved some money!!

And now on a serious note. To all the men and women who have sacrificed all so that we may be free, we will never forget. To all the men and women who have served, are serving, and walk the streets so that we may be safe, thank you.

Friday night it poured something awful. At one point the campground lost power, but only for a second, and long enough for us to pause to think about our back-up sump pump. No worries though Max stayed home because he had to work this weekend, but more importantly he is seventeen, now a senior, and doesn't like camping as much as he used to. However he coincidentally showed up a couple of nights around dinner time. Yep, the campground is that close.

Although Poor Farmers has just about everything you could want, a petting zoo is not one of them. What do you do when you get eighteen inches of rain overnight and your campsite is all muddy? You put down two bales of hay of course. Isn't that what all campers do? Perhaps not but we are smart campers. 

It's because this happened after the rain and this is not what you want inside of the camper.

If you are ever worried that kids are doomed these days take a look at these pictures above. These beautiful little girls had the time of their lives making mud pies and mud cakes. You guys, this is what camping does, forces kids to be creative because quite frankly camping is boring as hell. But in a good way, the way that asks you, "well, are you going to just sit in a chair all day and sweat your ass off or are you going to take a walk or take a stab at that canoe?" And then you end up taking a nap instead and everyone just feels great. 


This Snapchat picture is courtesy of Tommy. If you aren't fluent in teenage language, I will translate the picture above: Look! My cousin caught a fish! 

Tommy has recently picked up a love like tolerance of fishing. From the looks of his Snapchat story, he's getting better. 

And then there are cards. A classic pastime of bored kids. 

But the very best part of camping usually comes at night. Nothing beats a campfire. It is, hands down, the greatest way to unwind. I firmly believe that if all of the world leaders met around a bonfire, we would have world peace. 


By the way, we had seven campers this time. It seems we keep adding campers. This week it was Todd and Lisa. Their son is a celebrity, not in a TMZ way, rather a soccergod to some developing soccer players kind of way. 

Photo Creds to Lisa 

These boys took a break from camping to watch Peyton and the Dayton Dynamos put the hammer down on Syracuse FC. 
It's how we camp now. With professional athletes. 

But I think the biggest hit was our new addition to camping, aping pong table. Dan has been talking about this for a year and finally pulled the trigger and bought one. 


It's small enough to travel but big enough to create a little excitement. 


If you are wondering if you are able to play a game of doubles, the answer is yes. It's a little tight but it can be done. 

I'd have to say the greatest pastime of camping is eating.

I hope you all get a chance to meet Mike some day because you haven't lived a full life until you've tasted his meatloaf burgers. 

There is nothing he can't make and to top it off his wife, Megan, is a mastermind of candies and desserts. 

So there you have it, a much needed camping weekend with family and friends. 

Until next time... 

This is the life! 

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